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Our trip to Mt. St. Helen's
Mt. St. Helen's
Lake Angeline at Foss Lakes
Rys feeding a camp robber at Little Heart Lake
Me resting at Copper Lake
Rys fishing at Little Heart Lake... can you see him?
Overlooking Big Heart Lake
Me fishing at Opal Lake Necklace Valley
Rys trout at Opal Lake.
My trout at Opal Lake.
Big Heart Lake near falls
Hiking to Big Heart Lake we could see Mt Baker
The Ape Cave Down by Mt. St. Helen's
Another Pic at Ape Cave (Lava Tube)
Mt. Rainier
Rys & Mt. Rainier
Mt. Stewart
Me at Mt. Rainier
Rys digging for razor clams near Ocean Shores
Me digging for razor clams near Ocean Shores
A razor clam
Very cool looking Mushrooms
Rocky River at The Metro Parks Ohio
Rocky River
Rys walking across Rocky River
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September 3rd to the 13th 2005
Our trip to the Grand Tetons &
Rys & The Grand Tetons
Rys & The Grand Tetons 2
Me & The Grand Tetons
Me catching a smoke in "baby" water
Moose on the Snake River
Me paddling on the Snake River
See the Bull Moose?
Leigh Lake
Yellowstone River
Buffalo 1
Buffalo 2
Buffalo 3
Old Faithful in the rain
Snowing in Yellowstone!!!
Elk... see him?
Norris Geyser Basin 1
Norris Geyser Basin 2
Norris Geyser Basin 3
Norris Geyser Basin 5
Norris Geyser Basin 6
Mommoth Hot Springs 1
Mommoth Hot Springs 2
Black Bear in Montana

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