Bigfoot, it is certainly an unknown. I've thought bigfoot has existed since I was around 9 years old. My family use to always go fishing during the day and night and we use to go camping as well. There was one place we use to frequently fish after work hours called Hinkley Park in Ohio. I believe it's part of the Metropolitan Park System. In the latter half of the 1980's myself, mom, one of my sisters and a friend would drive to Hinkley Ohio to go fishing. We would always try to get on one of the 2 docks not far from the house a family owned who cared for the lake and also sold bait and supplies. We always stayed between 11pm and midnight. On a clear summer night around 10:45pm it was just our party on the lake aside from the owners. The sounds in the air were of a few birds and insects and of course us talking. We began to hear this noise that seems to be coming from the other end of the lake which to me at first sounded like an emergency siren or air raid siren. But it then changed in tone and pitch, quieter and louder. We all got quiet and listened carefully to what we were hearing, it was quite eerie. As I was listening to the scream, I recalled a movie I saw in the late 70's early 80's called "Sasquatch" and remembering the bigfoot yells they had in that movie. As soon as the noise stopped we were all silent for about 20 seconds, not to mention all the birds and insects ceased all noise altogether. We all came to the same conclusion, Bigfoot. We each said "bigfoot" nearly in sync with the other. We began packing up our things and headed to the truck. I was expecting to see something odd, but we didn't. As we were packing our gear a ranger came down the hill and told us, "you cannot be here after 11pm as we can't be responsible for what may happen to you." Whether or not it was coincidence the ranger came down on that night or not, is beyond me. We spent many a evening in there well after 11pm and close to midnight and no one has ever told us to leave before that night. We told people our story and we always got the same reasonable explanations, "it was an owl," it was a wild dog," it was someone playing a prank on you." I've heard many owl screetches, it wasn't an owl. No way was it a dog, and as for a human, I don't believe that kind of noise can be generated by the human vocal cords and lungs. This scream lasted for nearly a minute and the changes in tone and pitch I don't believe a human could produce. Was it a Sasquatch we heard? I believe so as I/we haven't found any other animal that can create a sound like that. I've included a wav file that I found on the internet that sounds very similar to what we heard.

Another unknown... Alien life? This subject is touchier than Bigfoot to most. There is more evidence of Bigfoot (which really there isn't) than alien life. You can't go out into the world and find alien life form foot prints, nor can you record alleged sounds made by aliens. However, you can record on video flying craft that can possibly be from another world. But again, who's to say what's recorded on that tape isn't a top secret government project. I believe in the existence of alien life for many reasons. One, in this vast universe we live in, with all the galaxies, planets, stars, moons and etc. I cannot be so conceited to think Earth is the only planet that harbors life and intelligent life. Another reason, the meteors found from Mars with the fossilized organisms embedded within. It doesn't matter that they're fossils now, or that those organism may not exist there anymore. It does tell us that something was living there, and there could be something greater now, as with time evolution does occur. Third, some of the craft video taped or photographed by many people cannot all be secret governmental projects. I believe a hand full are and some cannot be explained. With my experiences and sightings, along with people whom I trust proves to me that there is alien life visiting this planet. I am not implying that I've been visited, people who are too eager to claim visitations and convince others of their experiences seem a little kooky. I simply believe we're not alone in this blackness called space. I'll include some pictures and link on this page to credible UFO sites.