This is our yard and what we've been doing with it. In April 2010 we've acquired chickens, Five Rhode Island Reds and three Splash Rosecomb Bantams.
In March 2011, we acquired 7 more chicks. All are different breed and all are female. Barnvelder, Columbian Wyandotte, Silver Laced Wyandotte, Black Australorp, Black Jersey Giant, Blue Laced Wyandotte and a Black Copper Maran.
We recently dispatched both the Rooster as they began beating up our hens to the point of bleeding wounds. The hens seem to me to be more relaxed without the roosters as well. I will be adding more photos shortly and more about our experience as new chicken owners.

Flowering Pictures
More pictures of the flowers in our garden.

Love Lies Bleeding 1
Love Lies Bleeding 2
Love Lies Bleeding 3
Perennial Argeratum and Marnarch's1
Perennial Argeratum and Marnarch's 2
Perennial Argeratum and Marnarch's 3
Perennial Argeratum and Marnarch's 4

These tomatoes are the smallest ever!!
They're smaller than a dime and pack a flavorful punch! Possibly more flavor than in a
regular sized tomato.

Fairy Tomato Plants
Fairy Tomatoes
Newly Added Pictures
Tree Frog
Canada Geese
Newly Added Pictures 4.12.04
Blue Flowers
Black Tulip