Terms of Use for Linkware:

You can "Right Click To Save" from any Pixel Realm page.
My Copyright logos MUST stay intact with each graphic.
If you use any of my graphics or tutorials please as common courtesy, link back to my pixel realm.
You cannot re-distribute my pixel art through CD's sales or for free or payment download at your web site. You cannot add them to a collection for sale or download. You cannot post them for download through any type of group ie. MSN, YAHOO and etc..
None of my graphics are public domain. They are not to be distributed as such after they are in your possession.
I reserve all rights to my Pixel Art Graphics. You are only using them, you do not have copyright ownership.
The moment you adopt any of my graphics you are contractually abiding to all terms listed above.
If you do not read these terms you are still bound to them after adoption.

© 2011 JP Syndar