Pixel Realm
Welcome to my tutorials. I hope you can understand them as I do not work in PSP as most people do.
I work in Ulead Photo Impact. Most everything done in both programs is translatable from one program to the next.
I have done my best with the instuctions I give to make it easy for what ever program you may be using.

Rules for my tutorials:
You cannot give out my tutorials or sell them to anyone.
You cannot give out or sell my outlines.
If you are found doing so your membership will be revoked.
My tutorials and outlines are copyrighted.
You can use my tutorials and outlines for as long as you wish.
However, you must link back to my page

giving due credit where you learned how to draw this particular pixel drawing.
You cannot alter the shape my outlines.
You can sell what you create from my tutorials or outlines. On 1 condition. That it be completely colored in.


Please link back to: http://www.kabsyn.com/pixel_realm.html
© 2008 JP Syndar